A basin-scale approach to estimate river forms resilience to sediment connectivity alterations in data-scarce environments.

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EiLab just published a paper on Earth Surface Processes and Landforms (ESPL), which showcases the potential of the CASCADE toolbox to estimate basin-scale river sediment (dis)connectivity, in terms of distributed outputs on sediment delivery and composition.

The model was applied on the Vjosa river, one of the last wild river in Europe, characterized by large braided sections which are rarely seen on the continent due to their sensibility to sediment delivery alterations.

The model outputs were successfully validated with field measurements and used as input to functions that successfully discriminate between multi-thread and single-thread channel patterns, to determine morphological stability of river forms and their resilience to channel-pattern shifts.

Bizzi, S., Tangi, M., Schmitt, R., Pitlick, J., Piegay, H., & Castelletti, A. (2021). Sediment transport at the network scale and its link to channel morphology in the braided Vjosa River system. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms.


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