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We are a research group based at the Department of Electronics, Information, and BioengineeringPolitecnico di Milano. Our research mission is advancing environmental decision-analytics  for supporting human decisions in complex engineering systems including multiple actors and exposed to evolving multisectoral demands and global change. Our research fuses environmental, climate, and hydrologic disciplines with machine learning, optimal control, and evolutionary computation. This multidisciplinary mix yields innovative, flexible, and robust solutions facilitating participatory decision making processes by addressing the multifaceted complexity of environmental systems, including their nested interdependencies across stakeholders, processes, and policies at different spatial scales; as well as potential changes in human-nature interactions and feedbacks under changing climate extremes and societal demands.


Meet Me Tonight 2021
Sandra Ricart, a postodoc researcher in eiLab, is taking part in Meet Me Tonight 2021 (MMT21) to present its work for the MODFABE project. The MODFABE project deals with modeling the farmers' behavior
Hydroclimatic change challenges the EU planned transition to a carbon neutral electricity system
Hydrological variability and climate change impacts on water for power: can they undermine EU energy transition targets?
Ph.D. thesis defense: Paolo Gazzotti
Paolo Gazzotti is an interdipartmental PhD (Magamement Engineering and Information Technology) at Politecnico di Milano supervised by prof. Massimo Tavoni and prof. Andrea Castelletti. He
A basin-scale approach to estimate river forms resilience to sediment connectivity alterations in data-scarce environments.

EiLab just published a paper on Earth Surface Processes and Landforms (ESPL), which showcases
A strategic approach to increase the resilience of river deltas
eiLab contributed to a recent publication on the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), which demonstrates
Eilab @AEMON-J "Hacking Limnology" workshop

Dr. Elena Matta gave a keynote talk on the Machine Learning Day of the AEMON-J Hacking Limnology workshop, organised by researchers of the Center of Limnology of the University
We have a new Youtube channel
The team at EiLab has recently lauched his new Youtube channel. On this platform, we plan to publish video documentations on our reseach projects, publications, team, latest updates and more.



*** Game designer/dev wanted ***
Last days to apply and join our #ide3a team.
Deadline is on Friday, Sept 17th!

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A new paper is out!
Explore how the CASCADE toolbox is used to estimate braided channels resilience to sediment starvation on the Vjosa river, one of the last wild fluvial systems in Europe.

@eiPolimi @GeoUnipd

📢 New paper out 📢


@eiPolimi - @E3Modelling collaboration

Hydrological variability & #climatechange #impacts on #water for #power: can they undermine EU energy #transition targets?

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