CMCC Webinar – Environmental Intelligence

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On April 19, 2023, 10.30 am CEST, the CMCC Foundation is hosting a webinar in collaboration with the European Innovation Council.

Cutting-edge technological challenges are crucial to provide increasingly timely, reliable and appropriate information for decision-making processes. These challenges involve, first and foremost, scientific research, the ability to produce and utilise sophisticated amounts of data to render it to stakeholders and end users in forms that make it usable.Environmental Intelligence, the set of systems through which, from different sources, data from a specific region or area are collected, processed, analysed and used in applications made for specific areas, is placed in this framework. A reflection on funding opportunities, innovation and applications by scientists, startuppers and representatives of Eu institutions is the focus of this webinar.

During this event, Dr. Guido Ascenso from our lab will present the lab and its members, and will participate to the discussion.

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