eiLab @AGU Fall Meeting 2019​

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Here the list of our contributions accepted for the AGU Fall Meeting to be held in San Francisco (CA), December 9-13:

  • Seasonal drought forecasts to optimally balancing multisector interests during reservoir filling transients, Marta Zaniolo, Matteo Giuliani, Andrea Castelletti, and Paolo Burlando (ORAL)
  • Exploring How Reservoir Design and Operational Trade-offs Are Shaped by Information Feedbacks, Federica Bertoni, Andrea Castelletti, Matteo Giuliani, and Patrick M. Reed (ORAL)
  • Isolating the Role of End-User Behavior in the Assessment of Seasonal Forecast Value, Matteo Giuliani, Louise Crochemore, Ilias Pechlivanidis, and Andrea Castelletti (ORAL)
  • Six challenges to successfully inform hydropower operation by improved hydro-meteorological forecasts, Andrea Castelletti, Matteo Giuliani, Maria-Helena Ramos, Manuel Pulido-Velazquez, Gustafson David, Hector Macian-Sorribes, Louise Crochemore, Ilias Pechlivanidis, Guillaume Thirel, and Manon Cassagnole (E-LIGHTNING)
  • Do we really need inflow forecasts to improve reservoir operations?, Matteo Giuliani, Marta Zaniolo, Andrea Castelletti, Guido Davoli, and Paul J. Block (E-LIGHTNING)
  • Neuro-Evolutionary Policy Search for Identifying Key Inputs to Operate Multi-objective Reservoirs Exhibiting Variable Dynamics, Marta Zaniolo, Matteo Giuliani, Paul J. Block, and Andrea Castelletti (POSTER)
  • Exploring the Effects of Climate Change and Technological Innovation on the Robust Design of Off-grid Hybrid Energy Systems, Federico Giudici, Andrea Castelletti, and Elisabetta Garofalo (POSTER)
  • Optimal infrastructure expansion sequencing and management to meet water, food and energy demands in the Zambezi River basin, Jazmin Zatarain Salazar, Federica Bertoni, Matteo Giuliani, Andrea Castelletti, and Marco Micotti (POSTER)
  • Water saving tips, peer pressure, and gamification: long-term behavior change and rebound effects from a long experimental trial, Andrea Cominola, Matteo Giuliani, Andrea Castelletti, Piero Fraternali, Andrea Emilio Rizzoli, and Joan Guardiola (POSTER)
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