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Casey Helgeson: Where are the values in your analysis?

We are participating in the Decision Making Under Uncertainty (DMDU) annual conference in Delft, The Netherlands. DMDU is a multi-disciplinary association of professionals dedicated to improving decision making under deep uncertainty. This year we are presenting three contributions: Robust design of off-grid hybrid energy systems under climatic and technological uncertainty (F. Giudici, A. Castelletti, E. Garofalo, H.R. Maier); Do we understand performance dependencies, trade-offs, information value, and robustness in dam design and operation? (F. Bertoni, A. Castelletti, M. Giuliani, P.M. Reed); Selection of the smallest subset of informative scenarios for the robust optimization of off-grid hybrid energy systems (F. Giudici, M. Giuliani, A. Castelletti, H.R. Maier). The presentations will be soon available on our website.

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