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Here the list of our contributions to the vEGU21 General Assembly:

  • Matteo Giuliani, Putting humans in the loop: coupling behavioral modeling with natural systems’ models | Thu, 22 Apr, HS Division Outstanding ECS Award Lecture 2021
  • Rafael Schmitt, Matteo Giuliani, Simone Bizzi, Mathias Kondolf, Gretchen Daily, and Andrea Castelletti, Robust multi-scale strategies for increasing the resilience of the Mekong Delta  | Wed, 28 Apr, 15:57–15:59
  • Paolo Gazzotti, Andrea Castelletti, and Massimo Tavoni, An Agent-Based Approach for International Environmental Negotiations | Wed, 28 Apr, 13:57–13:59
  • Angelo Carlino, Massimo Tavoni, and Andrea Castelletti, Improving the decision-making in DICE: self-adaptive climate policies to handle explicit uncertainty and adaptation modelling | Wed, 28 Apr, 14:03–14:05
  • Saket Pande, Ann Scolobig, Tobias Kueger, Joseph Guillaume, Melissa Haeffner, Jan Adamowski, Newsha Ajami, Dionisio Perez, Andrea Castelletti, Erhu Du, Tirthankar Roy, and Gemma Carr, Methodological approaches to studying coupled human-water systems | Mon, 26 Apr, 11:41–11:43
  • Ivo Daniel, Newsha Ajami, Andrea Castelletti, Dragan Savic, Rodney Stewart, Marie Becker, and Andrea Cominola, How is digital transformation impacting the water utility sector? – Insights from a worldwide online utility survey | Tue, 27 Apr, 13:47–13:49
  • Elena Matta, Matteo Giuliani, Ruslana Palatnik, Morderchai Shechter, Christiane Pyka, Demet Cekin, Mostafa Hassanen, Matteo Vincenzo Rocco, Maria Cristina Rulli, Phoebe Kondouri, Sergio Vergalli, and Andrea Castelletti, The AWESOME Project: A decision analytic framework for managing Water Energy Food and Ecosystems across sectors and scales in the South Mediterranean | Wed, 28 Apr, 11:17–11:19
  • Marco Tangi, Simone Bizzi, Kirstie Fryirs, and Andrea Castelletti, A dynamic, network scale sediment (dis)connectivity model to reconstruct historical sediment transfers and river reach sediment budgets | Thu, 29 Apr, 11:25–11:27
  • Alessandro Amaranto and Andrea Castelletti, Joint design of floating solar plant and dam operating policies for waterborne epidemics control: an assessment on the Kariba dam | Thu, 29 Apr, 14:18–14:20
  • Sandra Ricart and Andrea Castelletti, The HydroSocial Cycle approach to deepen on socio-ecological systems analysis and water management | Mon, 26 Apr, 13:45–13:47
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