Past Theses


Academic Year 2018-2019

Ilaria Chiricò: Robust design of dam heightening under climate change: a case study in the Swiss Alps

Marco Orbetelli: A data-driven approach to streamflow reconstruction using dendrochronological data

Giacomo Piraccini: Dam reoperation for controlling water-related diseases: the potential for floating solar to compensate hydropower losses

Francesco Semeria: Modelling the impact of dams on flood-recession agriculture in the Omo valley: a satellite-data based analysis

Alessandro Barbieri & Martina Daddi: Integrating hydrological constraints for hydropower in energy models:The case study of the Zambezi River Basin in the Southern African Power Pool

Luca Sasso: Re-designing reservoir capacity in snow dominated catchments to adapt to changing climate

Yousra Saudi: Assessing the value of hydroclimatic services for hydropower megadams

Giacomo Trombetta: From individualism to full cooperation: optimal operation of the Nile River basin reservoirs under varying levels of cooperation

Henrique Moreno Dumont Goulart: Assessing the operational value of forecast information under climate change

Academic Year 2017-2018

Maria Giulia Pelosi & Luca Monaco: Improved energy-water modelling for hydropower capacity expansion planning under climate change: a case study in the Zambezi River Basin

Vanessa Tesini: Integrated infrastructural and financial options to manage weather risk in a multipurpose regulated lake

Stefano Gallandra & Marco Sorrenti: Multi-objective optimal design of dam filling strategies: The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Giorgio Falcini & Elena Muratore: The effects of climate and socio-economic changes on the design of off-grid hybrid energy systems

Sara Cazzaniga: How does uncertainty affect cooperation strategies in transboundary water resources systems? A case study on the Zambezi River Basin

Lucia Maletti: Evaluating the effects of land use change and hydropower development on sediment connectivity. The case study of the Omo river

Agostino Ghetti: Development of a high-resolution water consumption dataset with end-use diaries

Carlo Alberto Bordignon: Forecasting hourly energy price in the Swiss market. Model identification and application for accurate short-term forecasts

Riccardo Badagliacca & Linda Spinelli: Designing robust and sustainable development pathways in the Omo-Turkana basin

Lorenzo Caviglioni: Designing efficient reservoir filling strategies using seasonal drought forecasts

Giacomo Luoni: Modeling river fragmentation at pan-European scale

Academic Year 2016-2017

Barbara Benigni & Sebastian Raimondo: Robust planning of agricultural expansion in Zambezi river basin under climate and socio-economic changes

Angelo Carlino: Hydro-energy systems modeling in the Zambezi river basin: exploring benefits from soft model integration

Alessandro Gentile: Informing water reservoir operations with climate teleconnections

Luca Gianelli & Paolo Redo Bianchi: Water-related disease control via dam operation: balancing hydropower production and malaria spreading on Kariba reservoir

Valeria Penso: Discovering large-scale climate signals for seasonal meteorological forecasts in Africa

Marco Tangi: Balancing sediment starvation and hydropower production. The case study of the Vjosa river

Rachele Tarantola: The value of weather/streamflow forecasts for hydropower companies

Elena Fornari: Data-driven emulation modeling of an agricultural model to simulate crop productivity

Giulia Marchetti: Overall grain size mapping from Sentinel 2 images

Mattia Lanzani & Antonio Pecoraro: Balancing hydropower producing and fluvial connectivity in optimal large scale dam siting on the Mekong river

Academic Year 2015-2016

Martina Morlacchi: Unsupervised automatic detection of post meter leakage in residential settings

Sofia Rossi: A vulnerability analysis of the Red River basin, Vietnam, under co-varying climate and socio-economic changes

Chiara Samale: Improving seasonal forecast of hydroclimatic variables through the state of large-scale climate signals

Marika Squeri: Assessing the skill of seasonal meteorological forecast products for predicting droughts and water scarcity in highly regulated basins

Marta Zaniolo: Design and application of drought indexes in highly regulated Mediterranean water systems

Marta Andreoni: Pooling drought and flood related financial risk to manage conflict in multi-purpose Lake Maggiore water system

Jose Ramos: Agent-based modeling of innovation diffusion in agricultural systems

Giulio Camisani: Regional modelling of sediment connectivity in gravel-bed river networks. Modelling framework and application to the upper Po basin

Sui Xin: Index based analysis of climate change scenarios. Lake Como catchment case study

Federica Bertoni: Exploring the water-energy nexus in the Iberian Peninsula under climate change : a deterministic optimization approach

Academic Year 2014-2015

Ahmad Alsahaf: Projection- vs. Selection-based Model Reduction For Emulation Modeling in Water Resources Planning and Management Problems

Ylenia Casali: Using Canonical Correlation Analysis and Input Variable Selection to assess the effect of Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies on the Red River Basin, Vietnam

Slaven Conevski: Quantifying climate change- and human behavior-related uncertainties in agricultural water management

Alessia Goffi: Changes in the hydrological regime of the Red River Basin, Vietnam: the role of deforestation

Beatrice Sangalli: Hydro-economic analysis of the adaptation to climate change in the Jucar river system

Carolina Mesa and Carolina Trimino: ENSO detection for improving long-term streamflow forecasts in Kemano water system

H.V. Pham: Using ENSO information to improve the operation of the Hoa Binh reservoir, Vietnam

Martina Botter: Assessing the impact of climate change and price variability on alpine hydropower. A case study in the Swiss Alps

Federico Giudici: Advancing reservoir operation description in physically based hydrological models

Laura Bellagamba: Designing and assessing weather-based financial hedging contracts to mitigate water conflicts at the river basin scale

Andrea Moro and Luca Riva: Inferring and clustering residential water consumers’ routines by eigenbehavior modeling

Umberto Del Gobbo: Snow water equivalent retrieval using multitemporal SAR images to inform water systems operation

Maria Faragò: Forcing hydrological models with precipitation estimates from in-situ stations, remote sensing and weather models

Emanuele Gaiardelli: Development of a flexible synthetic generator of residential water consumption traces at the end-use level

Academic Year 2013-2014

Pardis Biglarbeigi: Many-objective Direct Policy Search in Dez and Karoun Multireservoir System, Iran

Alessandro Amaranto: Balancing fertilizer application and nitrate leaching in agricultural management: a multiobjective analysis

Luca Preatoni: The role of snow information in improving water management: the lake Como case study

Stefano Dellacorna: Coupling quality and quantity targets in the operation of a hydropower reservoir: a preliminary analysis

Pietro Richelli: Effects of climate change on hydrology and hydropower systems in the Italian Alps

Cristian Brivio: Modelli di regolazione dei serbatoi idroelettrici alpini e impatto delle energie rinnovabili sulla gestione

Academic Year 2012-2013

Simona Denaro: Balancing hydropower production and river bed incision in operating a run-of-river hydropower scheme along the river Po

Ludovica Beltrame and Daniele Carbonin: ENSO teleconnection patterns on large scale water resources systems

Andrea Cominola and Emanuele Mason: A framework to test multiple optimality principles in landscape evolution under river dynamics

Federica Remondi: Remote sensing of Tanzania wetlands: hydrology and model calibration

Daniele Spartà: Impact of deforestation on local precipitation patterns over the Da River basin, Vietnam

Andrea Ficchì: A centralized real time controller for reservoirs management on the Seine river using ensemble weather forecasting

Ralitsa Vassileva: Assessing dynamic emulation modelling of large environmental data

Academic Year 2011-2012

Matteo Mainardi: Coupling pre-season farmers planning and optimal water supply management to mitigate climate change impacts

Lorenzo Cozzi: Weather models as virtual sensors to data driven rainfall predictions in urban watersheds

Federica Andressi: An Hybrid Empiric-conceptual Model for the Integrated Management of Kafue River (Zambia)

Stefania Caietti: Improved dynamic emulation modelling by time series clustering: the case study of Marina Reservoir, Singapore

Yu Li and Bui Thi Hieu: Comprehensive analysis of hydrological model with remote sensed satellites data in the Da river basin, Vietnam